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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. right now a meeting on the chevron refinery fire. >> katie marzullo joins us live outside the packed meeting in san francisco. >> reporter: it is a packed meeting. the main room is full there are two over-flow rooms on another floor. at last check only a handful of people in one of those rooms. video we shot as people were
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arriving. one group brought t-shirts to hand out that read: healthy richmond. one of the bigger questions residents want answered is why did the board say the air quality was okay right after the but a few days later say there were harmful particles in the air? in their own words here are the concerns by some of residents and the answer given by the chairman of the board who i interviewed ahead of the meeting who happens to be a county supervisor representing richmond. >> in gap between information and monitoring has been going on too long and it is time to bridge that gap. >> air quality board needs to be proactive not reactive. which is what they seem to be. >> the air district only had relatively limited testing and was not able to grab samples of the toxic cloud or the fire cloud. i think that's the issue making clear to the public
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there's limitations in the sampling that did occur and to be clear with the public not just to report the data in a limited way. i think we have to always do a better job of explaining what the data means in a larger context. that's where the district wants to improve. >> reporter: the chairman says he would like to see more air monitors installed around the refinery. several groups will give their reports to the air board that includes epa and u.s. chemical safety board. this is not informational not expected the board will take action. this is the first of several meetings. i talked with a representative from chevron he says no new info from the company, but chevron is committed to the investigation and preventing other fires in the future. katie marzullo, abc7 news. a man is in the hospital after an off-duty police officer shot him in oakland
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this morning. the man tried to rob the officer. the shooting happened 1:30 a.m. on van buren in adams point neighborhood near lake merritt where they found the man shot once a second man identified himself as an off-duty officer and told police the wounded man tried to rob him at gunpoint. police found a replica gun at the scene the man who was shot is expected to survive. plea 'tis police continue to investigate a deadly shooting at a 7-eleven on north milpitas boulevard in weekend. the 62-year-old employee was found shot to death early friday morning. few details not clear why the man was shot. the store was closed sunday due to the shooting but has since reopened. flowers have been laid out near the store the man's not name being released per the family's request. former alameda community have adviser nadia lockyer went to court this morning to face drug and child endangerment charges.
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she was arrested last month. investigators found meth and drug paraphernalia in the room she shared with her 9-year-old son. lockyer has pleaded not guilty and is now back in rehab. she will be allowed to see her son as long as her husband is present. she is the estranged wife of the state treasurer bill lockyer, who has filed for divorce. a few hours from now the northern california man accused of ab diagnosticking -- abducting his children and stealing a yacht will make a court appearance. police say christopher maffei took his children from their mother's home and stole a boat. father and son are doing fine today after an incredible rescue yesterday off the central coast between -- this is video from the coast guard. the 70-year-old man and his son were on their way from santa barbara to canada when their plane went down.
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a helicopter rescue crew from air station san francisco responded to that may-day call the fire was suffering from hypothermia, both refused medical treatment. autopsy will be done tomorrow on the body of missing lafayette man found over the weekend on the sacramento river. a fisherman discovered brett olson's body yesterday the 20-year-old vanished a week ago. sheriff believes there was no foul play and he drowned. olson's family and friends plan to honor him with a candlelight vigil tomorrow night at 7:00. members at the cross fit gyms in the east bay are dedicating their workouts today to help the family of officer kenyon youngstrom. amy hollyfield has more from livermore. >> reporter: they are running with purpose, at cross fit
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games today workout dedicated to chp officer kenyon youngstrom killed in the line of duty last week. >> it happened around the corner for us, it was a good opportunity for us to come together and do something. >> reporter: the owner of the brentwood location came up with the idea, he's also a firefighter. >> wanted to have something that we could give back to their family as i hope someone would give back to my family. >> reporter: everyone who works out today is encouraged to donate to a memorial fund for the officer's family. they will be doing a workout tailor made with him in mine. number and created a rep scheme wanted to dedicate this workout to him and his family. >> reporter: was the 223 chp officer to die in the line of duty. they are running two miles, 23 dead lifts to honor his badge number they will jump rope 180
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times and 63 pull-ups. zara was supposed to take a rest day today but decided to push herself and workout in honor of the officer. >> my heart goes out to the officer's family because he's the father of four and i have four children and just to think of them growing up without a father touched my heart. >> reporter: the box full, they plan to have it out all day at five locations in the east bay. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. if you want to make a contribution to officer youngstrom's family, visit any wells fargo bank or mechanics bank. still ahead, new nationwide plan to prevent suicide targets military vets and young americans how facebook is involved. more vegetables and fruits in your child's lunch bay area school district making
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. hewlett-packard is planning to cut more jobs than expected, 29,000. 2,000 more than previously announced in may. it expected to save nearly 2004 billion dollars a year. last month hp posted the largest loss in its 73 year history hit by shift in technology from pc's and printers towards cell phones
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and tablets. teachers hit the picket lines in chicago this morning in marks the first school strike in 26 years. the walk-out left parents scrambling to take care of 400,000 children. mayor rahm emanuel pledged to end that strike as quickly as possible he called it wrong and avoidable. two sides admit they are close but the key disagreements appear to be over benefits and new system to evaluate teachers. >> new kind of lunch about to be served pleasanton schools joined national movement still rare in the bay area. meatless monday. >> reporter: that's right, it is the first meatless monday here at foothill part of a broader program going on across pleasanton district. it started after they were
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approached by the humane society of the united states and urged to focus less on animal products and more on a plant-based diet. the high school cafeteria is stocked and ready for its first meatless monday >> we are going to offer all vegetarian, nonmeat items to elevate the nutritional awareness, giving them the opportunity to have better choices and help us address the diversity of the community. >> reporter: today students will be served what is called comfort foods. in addition to a salad bar. the goal is to integrate diverse options like mediterranean foods. she is glad to hear of this new effort by the district. >> i think it is a good idea. they need -- the meat they provide is full of antibiotics and hormones. at home i try to give better quality food. everyday meat is not healthy.
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>> reporter: out of 1,000 students the cafeteria serves daily, jacob isn't one he's a vegetarian and says up to this point there weren't many options for hill. >> i looked into the affects of the meat we produced and learned that for the amount of meat we produce, the amount of energy it takes us in addition to the fact that we don't -- it is not even good to us. >> reporter: in addition to health and environmental benefits richie sis it will improve his life each -- each week. >> one less thing i have to do is make my lunch. >> reporter: pleasanton is the second district in the bay area to implement the program. novato unified in marin was the first. abc7 news. look at that sunshine in pleasanton. >> a little cool this morning but warming up. that's what happens this time of year longer nights,
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drier air, 40s going to be more of a rule north bay valleys than we've had lately. we'll talk about how cool it is going to be. we could see 90s in a lot of areas by the time we get through the last part of the week. raiders kicking off tonight time remember lady gaga's famous meat dress? it is making its way to the nation's capital. stopping suicides the nationwide plan started today and how face
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. pounds of red meat are about to go on display at a museum in washington, d.c. it is lady gaga's meat dress that's the one she wore in 2010. the dress you all 25 pounds on display starting this friday at the national museum of women in the arts part of women who rock exhibit. the dress and boots have been dried, preserved and painted to restore the original meat color. the rock and roll hall of fame is putting on the exhibit. >> statement to the press
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about wearing this dress made of meat was that you don't stand up for what you believe in, that is, speaking out against don't ask don't tell then you are reduced a piece of more than 250 facts representing 70 women will be part of the exhibit it runs until january 6th. we wonder whether it smells at this point. >> preserved kind of like beef jerky. >> something had to happen with that dress. nice day out there, cool start. not going to be unique if you don't enjoy today, plenty more. probably last into the weekend these warmer than average temperatures we develop today. good morning 11:18, one finger of fog holding on as it tries to push past the golden gate bridge having a hard time making it any more eastward than that. from tamalpais coast on the right, clouds, bay , a lot of the sunshine. clouds off the coast that are
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right now slowly diminishing from north to south as you can see. nice dry northwesterly wind to northerly wind starting to move through winds are a little offshore now helping some of the clouds disappear along the coast 57 half moon bay right now and san rafael, everybody else in the 60s until you go los gatos, antioch and fairfield mid 70s monterey bay 59, still around 60 santa cruz and watsonville because of clouds, gilroy sunshine and 70 more warmth, warming trend began yesterday, will continue today. talked about cooler valleys, 40s north bay valleys, the rest of us in the 50s sunny and warm through the weekend. once this pattern develops not going anywhere any time soon today one degree warmer oakland 74, san francisco 68 santa rosa 84 san jose 78. fremont the biggest jump eight
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degrees warmer than questioned up to 77 today. south bay mid 70s to low 80s north to south across the bay as far as millbrae 71 up to 76 redwood city. low to mid 60s coast today. upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito north bay beaches with sun low to mid 60s inland upper 70s to mid 80s, east bay shore from berkeley 71 to 77 fremont, 78 castro valley, warmer inland mid to upper 80s there, same morgan hill, gilroy hollister sun santa cruz and watsonville in the next hour mid to upper 70s northerly wind monterey, pacific grove carmel socked in with cloud cover, 10° cooler. tonight monday night football kicks off at the coliseum chargers and raiders 7:15, 64° dropping to 56 by the time the game ends 40s north bay
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valleys tonight the rest of us in the 50s mist possible along the coast, cloud cover as you move into the bay tomorrow morning. couple areas of low pressure move from us this high is going to move in, push the storm track to the north and keep it there for the next seven days. high temperatures by wednesday, back to 90 inland, low to mid 90s there through the weekend 80 wednesday around the bay low to mid 80s through the weekend mid 60s coast. wouldn't be surprised if we spike up to 70 thursday, friday at the coast. federal government appears to be ready to admit that people working at ground zero might have been exposed to cancer-causing toxins after several agencies spent more than a decade saying there was no proof that dust and debris from the world trade center caused cancer new evidence suggests something different, 50 cancers will be added to conditions covered by a fund that assist first responders and others exposed to the
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rubble that fund now totals more than 3.7 billion dollars. new national strategy to prevent suicide was launched by the u.s. general and several agencies. the surge general says suicides are a growing public health issue especially among u.s. military vets and younger americans. the strategy includes using facebook. >> when that suicide is everybody's business. everyday over 100 people are -- die by suicide in this country. one person every 15 minutes in addition to the deaths, we have over eight million people who have thought about sue aside in the past year. -- about suicide in the past year. >> we have a several sites log on to our website, next, putting the big squeeze on president obama. the pizza shop owner everyone
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is talking about today, after his meeting with the commander in chief. >> we'll be right back.
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don't miss "katie" debutting today. hi everyone, as our theme song goes i am ready for this day i'm also excited a little nervous too. we have a great first show with a few surprises and some guests i'm excited to tell you about. jessica simpson will be here for her first tv interview since having her baby in may she has a lot to say.
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also sheryl crow is stopping by she wrote our theme song, she is a single mom and just turned 50. she will be talking the brain tumor her doctors discovered. there's a lot to ask both of these amazing women and i can't wait. i hope you will tune in i'll see you later today for the first episode of "katie." >> sheryl yo will be telling katie more about what she -- she believes may have caused her benign brain tumor. here is the new afternoon line-up general hospital will air 1 p.m., who wants to be a millionaire 2, jeopardy 2:30 then katie at 3:00 followed by abc7 news at 4:00. here's what is coming up, babies and crying, new stud a dresses age old dilemma. should you pick up your crying infant or let the child cry until sleep comes? then at 5, something the state is failing to do that is
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putting domestic violence shelters and the women they protect at risk of those stories and more later today at 4 and 5. finally, a pizzeria other thanner the -- owner is the talk of the nation. >> he was so excited when president obama showed up at his florida pizza restaurant yesterday he gave the commander in chief a big bear hug, wow! >> he swept president obama off his feet which got mr. obama to talk about his strength and said look at his guns. >> he's a republican but voted for president obama in 2008. >> he cl
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